CREW Vancouver Awards 2023 Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can I nominate?

We encourage you to nominate any professional, industry-wide that fits the criteria for the award they are being nominated for. Nominees need to be CREW members for the Rising Star and Women of Influence, but if a nomination is received for a non-member they will be given the opportunity to become a member. Nominees for the Catalyst Award do not need to be members.

When are recipients of the awards notified?

Awards recipients are finalized by the Selection Panel consisting of industry professionals. Awards recipients will be notified prior to the event to confirm event attendance. Please note that if a recipient is unable to attend the Awards Gala, we have the right to move to the next recipient.

How will the award recipient be recognized?

The in-person 2023 Awards Gala is to be held on Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 at the Rosewood Hotel. All award recipients will also be highlighted over CREW’s website and social channels, during and post-event.

How can I learn more about the past awards recipient?

You can learn more about previous years’ recipients: 2021 Winners can be found here and 2022 Winners can be found here. Photographs from the 2022 Awards Gala can be found here (Password: CREWGALA2022).

Are self-nominations accepted?

Yes! We not only accept self-nomination but encourage them.

May I submit the same nominee for multiple awards?

Yes! If a nominee fits the criteria for multiple awards, you are able to submit a nomination for them for each award. A separate application must be submitted for each nomination.

Can a person nominated in previous years be nominated again?

Yes! So long as the nominee was not a past award recipient, nominees can and are encouraged to be nominated again.

Who can submit nominations?

Anyone can submit a nomination as long as the nominee meets the Award criteria. We heavily encourage the inclusion of reference letters or letter of support in the additional material. The Catalyst Award requires two reference letters.

Is there a limit to how many nominations may be submitted by one person?

While there is no limit we encourage everyone to submit a fully complete package. The selection committee only has the nomination package to reference when deciding the successful recipient, the more detail and reference letters included in a package the more information the selection committee has.

Are there any reasons someone might not be eligible for nomination or considered for an award?

Current CREW board members and CREW Nominations Committee volunteers are not eligible to win awards. However, they are eligible to be nominated. This policy helps to ensure that the awards selection process remains fair and impartial.  

May I submit after the deadline?

No late submissions will be accepted. Please plan ahead, prepare your answers in a Word document before accessing the online application, and submit them early. This will alleviate last-minute problems with technology or sudden conflicts.

Is the CREW Vancouver Leadership Awards Program held annually?

The awards program was launched in 2021, and we hosted our inaugural gala in the fall of 2022. The Awards Gala is confirmed for 2023 and will move to an every two-year format, with the next anticipated program for 2025.

What are the next steps?

Once the applications close, all submissions will be reviewed and eligible nominees will be contacted over the summer informing them of their nomination.

Who can I reach out to for further questions regarding the nominations process?

Please reach out to:
Arunima Gupta

Chelsea Tisdelle